About me


Welcome to my blog.

I’m Molly from London, England.   I caught the travel bug at early age but it had to take a back seat for a while so that I could focus on my professional career, business, and raising my family.

One of my ambitions is to make the best use of my time on earth, and to rediscover the amazing feeling of travelling;  the joy, and the fun. I want to see all the wonders of the world as well as the most visited tourist sites around the world.

I plan and I travel to  places mostly on my own. However, there are times, that I travel with friends, or  family or join an organised tour.  I take the photos of the places myself except the “mollywozhere photos” when I trust others to take these photos for me, I am learning to take a selfie, and I continue to improve. I only write about the places and things that I have actually done myself. So what you get is authentic, and trusted personal account of my adventures.   

I was inspired by my family and friends to share my trips, tips, stories, travels and adventure with everyone. Until a few months ago, I did not even know what a blog is!  I have learnt a lot of things very quickly, and I continue to learn. 

 I created mollywozhere simply to entertain, inform and  to inspire people of all ages to begin their own adventures, and discover the amazing feeling of travel; the joy and the fun. 


I hope you will not only find my blog, mollywozhere,  interesting  but also pick up some useful information, ‘good to know’ tips and gain the confidence to chase your own adventures.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to comment, share, follow me or email me if you have any questions.