Floating in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is located between Jordan,  Israel and the West Bank.  It is said to be the lowest point on earth – at over 400meters below sea level and 360m deep.

It is a tourist attraction because of the unique experience of floating in it.  The sea is buoyant because of its high salt content, around 29%. It is called the ‘Dead Sea’ because nothing can live in it. 

The Dead Sea can also be accessed from the Israel side. Our guide informed us that the sea is shrinking and he believed that within 25 years, there will be nothing left but salt granites- frightening thought!

I visited the Dead Sea as part of a group tour of Jordan. It can easily be reached on a day trip from Amman.
I took a photo of this sign outside the resort which showed the sea level.
Our swanky resort! There are lots of expensive hotels and resorts on the Jordanian side. Our guide told us that Jordanians go to the Dead Sea resorts for relaxation.
The many steps down to the Dead Sea level!
And more steps....

We were not warned that to reach the Dead Sea, you have to go down quite a lot of steps from the resort. It was a very long way down! And some people are put off by this, and swim in any of the many infinity pools. I had to sum up my courage to descend. I was there to experience floating in the Dead Sea so I must. I was not daunted by the fact that I had to climb those stairs back to the resort!

The colours of the salt crystals on the surface of the sea are very vivid and striking!
I was contemplating how to get in the water!
I took my time and sat down to admire the sea and the beautiful people around me.
At last, I made it into the sea! Our guide warned us not to submerge, or get the sea water into our eyes as they will burn and hurt! Sure enough, someone did get the salt water in her eyes and it burned! Fortunately no lasting damage done.
It was also advisable not to stay too long in the sea because of its high salt content.

This is my favourite photo of the trip to the Dead Sea. One of the unique experiences that is widely reported is being able to float in the Dead Sea whilst reading a newspaper! These two beautiful ladies proved just that- amazing!

I am non-swimmer but I floated in the Dead Sea effortlessly which was a fantastic experience. You too can do the same. 


6 Replies to “Floating in the Dead Sea”

  • Thanks Sis Molly
    Beautiful scenery quite encouraging floating as a non swimmer. Hmmmm Jordan looks inspiring nice one.

    • Hi Olu Thanks for your comments. I am glad that you are inspired by my blog. I had a great time in Jordan. You can do so too.. Put it on your list of “must visit” places. xx

  • Hello Molly
    This is a very interesting write up of your visit to Jordan, I especially enjoyed reading about your visit to the Dead Sea. I would love to go there myself one day though I’m not sure I would make it up and down those steps. However if I don’t make it to the dead sea you certainly have shown me there are many more attractions I could visit instead.
    Looking forward to your next adventure.

    • Thank you Kentish Maid. I am glad you enjoyed reading my blog and you are inspired to visit Jordan. I don’t know whether or not there is an easier route down to the Dead Sea from another location. It was certainly a challenge getting down to it but worth it!

  • Thanks Molly
    You have certainly made me think of Jordan as a destination I could visit in the future.

    • That’s great Graham. I am pleased that you are inspired to visit Jordan. I had a great time and experience. You will do so too when you visit.

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