Shanghai dumplings – must try

One of my more memorable experiences in Shanghai was eating these mouth-watering  Shanghai dumplings! These pan fried dumplings with crispy base and soft top are the tastiest dumplings I ever eaten. The fillings are juicy and delicious. They are freshly made on site and are served piping hot so you have to be careful. I pricked mine first with my chopstick to let out some hot steam before enjoying the rest of the dumplings. I initially ordered four, a mix of pork and prawns. I enjoyed them so much that I bought another four!!  That earned me the title of “8 dumplings Molly” from my fellow travellers!!!! In my defence these dumplings were only sold in 4s, 6s and 8s. I could only order in 4s! I didn’t regret it. I loved it, though I might add that I was a little full up after eating the last 4!! You only live once, eh!!!

If you want a cheap but delicious lunch, then head to one of the many Yang Dumplings restaurants.  I ate at the one on Ningbo Lu, close to the buzzing East Nanjing Road, Shanghai. It was a welcomed break from sightseeing and shopping inn the area.