Iguazu Falls- awesome experience!

Molly Wallis

Iguazu Falls - Argentinean Side

Without a doubt, my visit to  the Iguazu Falls was the highlight of my trip to Argentina and Brazil in October 2022. Walking along the viewing platform at the top of the Falls was an experience that I will never forget. The power and the noise of the cascading waterfalls will forever live in my memory.  You get to experience the Iguazu Falls at very close proximity, and watch the water flowing over the edges with unbelievable speed and force.  It was a thrilling and yet scary experience.  I salute mother nature! 

My first sight of the Iguazu Falls was one of awe!  I got to see and experience it  at very close proximities. We were literally at the top of the Falls and watched the water cascaded down at tremendous speed right under our feet!  It was a jaw dropping experience! 

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Iguazu Falls, Argentina

 I had planned to visit only Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where one of the 7 wonders of the world, Christ the Redeemer, is situated. But during my research, I discovered that I could also visit the Iguazu Falls in Argentina, so I combined my trip to see both attractions.

The Iguazu Falls  was voted one of the seven natural wonders of the world in 2011.  It is situated in the Iguazu Falls National Park in Argentina, which was declared a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984.  

I travelled solo to Argentina and Brazil but joined an excursion group to see the Iguazu Falls. I stayed in a lovely hotel in the nearest town to the Falls called Foz do Iguazu.  I took a local flight from Buenos Aries to Foz do Iguazu.  The journey was much quicker than travelling by road which would have taken the best part of a day. 

Hotel in Foz do Iguazu - a relaxing and beautiful setting
Argentina, Local Guide - part of the National Park

The Iguazu Falls is not the highest fall in the world but it is the longest. It stretches across two countries – Argentina and Brazil with two thirds of the Falls in the Argentinean side. It is worth seeing the Falls from both countries which is exactly what I did starting with Argentina. 

There are three viewing levels at the Iguazu Falls on the Argentinean side. There is a large amount of walking involved so suitable walking shoes are recommended. We started our tour at the very top along a well planned, signposted walkway that also served as a viewing platform. The platform  was also suitable for wheelchairs in part,  and  for pushing chairs though I must I admit I would not want to push along a buggy on the walkway.

Our guide was very excited to tell us that we were visiting on a good day as it had rained heavily the previous day so there was plenty of water, and lots of it! 

Of all the viewing platforms on the Iguazu Falls, Argentinean side, walking on this stretch was the most amazing experience of all! The sound, the views and the sheer size of the Falls was unbelievable. I was so close that I could almost touch the water! 

The walkway that goes along the top of the Falls and it goes on and on and on!!! This is not surprising as the Iguazu Falls is almost 3 km long across Argentina and Brazil. It is made up of more than 280 individual falls though it is said that this figure varies during the year. 

The viewing platforms are well planned and designed which helped to achieve this amazing experience. I couldn’t resist taking pictures despite my fears of dropping my camera or mobile phone. There was a different and interesting view at every turn.

Plaform on the Iguazu Falls , Argentina
The walkway at the top of the Iguazu Falls is made up of wire mesh and wooden panels on either side that served as a rail guard.

I must admit that I felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of the Falls. In addition to navigating the walkway which was about a metre wide with a wire mesh underneath your feet where you can see, and hear the water flowing and cascading over the edges,  taking photos became a challenge. I couldn’t help worrying about people around me, and I feared that I would drop my mobile phone, camera or a personal item. Thankfully, there was no such incidents!

I have tried to describe my experience and illustrate it as best as I can with videos and photos. But to be honest with you, seeing is believing. I was simply blown away by it all. I feel sure you too would be amazed. 

 I didn’t get the chance to see the Park or to travel on the ecological train that crosses the jungle to the main walks. But I did get to see one of the local animals, Coati, which seemed not to mind the presence of people milling around. 

Coati in Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls- Brazilian Side

 I had not the time to recover from my visit to the Iguazu Falls on the Argentinean side before setting off the following day to visit the Falls on Brazilian side. It was a short drive to Brazil.  Crossing the border to another country required passing through  both immigration and customs, and to show evidence of Covid 19 vaccinations. 

The Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side did not disappoint us.  The Falls provided a different perspective to the Argentinean side but they were equally magnificent and amazing. 

Please click on this photo below to view the video.

The experience you get of the Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side is totally different.   Here you walk along the concrete viewing path opposite the Falls which provided an amazing panoramic view of the Falls. The slow walk along the path took around 45 minutes, and it descended gradually as you walked deeper into the Falls.


Our guide did not walk down with us but would meet us at the exit. He gave us helpful information and tips on how  to get the best out of our visit, which was welcomed. 

At first, it felt like he was telling us the obvious but when you experience it, you will appreciate why he talked about not doing certain things like taking photos while walking! Sensible? Of course. But there were people who did just that and bumped into others or slipped and fell on the slippery path!  Our guide  emphasised walking slowly and taking our time to take in the magnificent view. As can be expected, there was a lot of mist from the Falls and in some places, people got  wet. Taking a raincoat or an umbrella had been advised but I took neither and regretted it! Worse still, I wore a hat! And I frequently had to hold it for fear of it being blown away!

Taking photos in a busy tourist attraction is always a challenge. It is even more challenging when you travel solo. My trick is look for a couple or someone travelling alone too who appear to be in need of his or her photograph being taken. So I will offer to take their phone in return for my photo to be taken too. The risk here of course is that the person can take off with your mobile phone or drop it in the water!!  So far, that has not happened to me!

For those who are a bit of an adrenaline junky, there is a boat ride down below that takes people right on to the bottom of the Falls. To me it looked like the boat was going to the edge and would go over the edge so I declined the thrill of taking part!

One of the surprising things for me at this Fall was seeing the rainbow. I had heard about it but I didn’t actually believe that I would see one. I tried to take a photo but alas it did not come out well. 

As I walked slowly down the path;  it goes only one way, good idea, I spotted the snake-like structure below and wondered whether or not out path took us there. And yes it did! 

Oh my word, this was another jaw dropping, awe inspiring experience! It was amazing! Like the Iguazu Falls on the Argentina side, the sheer volume of the water and thunderous noise of the cascading water is something I will never forget! What an experience of once in a lifetime!

The jaw-dropping experience continues. The fall in this video clip is at the end of the path. To exit the Falls, you could either walk up the many steps to the top or take the lift. I chose to take the lift and immediately regretted it.  The lift was located right next to this fall that thundered down with such force, literally next to you and to the lift! It felt like the water was coming at you and just stopping short of overwhelming you. It was unbelievably exhilarating to say the least. 

No – that was not me in the video screaming! I wanted to but the noise didn’t come out of my mouth!!

Please click on the photos below to view the video.

If you have the opportunity to visit Argentina and/or Brazil, I would recommend you include a visit to the Iguazu Falls for an unforgetable experience of a life time. Don’t hesitate, do it.

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  • This is so amazing countries to visit, lots of attractives places to see.your holiday is wonderful

    • Thanks Tom. Yes the Falls were enormous and magnified by the fact that we experienced it at very close proximities which was a little scary at times and at the same time thrilling!

    • Yeah Ras, it was scary at times because of the sheer volume of water and the thunderous sound! It was fun though!

  • Very fluid and lucid write up. Makes you feel that you were there. The videos made it all come alive and very exciting. Makes me want to visit. 😁

    • Thanks Tolu. I’m glad that my blog has inspired you to visit. I am sorry that all the videos don’t quite work well. And I’m glad that you managed to view them ok. I am working on improving them – work in progress!

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