China – a country of contrasts

Molly Wallis

A country of contrasts indeed. I had the most fabulous time in China. Climbing the Great Wall of China was an unforgettable experience. In fact almost every I did was an experience. I would like to share my experiences with you and also give you some tips. There was so much to do and see.  Read about my journey through this vast country starting with Beijing.

I travelled almost 5,000 km and visited most of the main attractions and places including Chongquin (largest city in China with over 30m people and still growing) where I tasted  and experienced the Sichuan hotpot,  cruised on the Yangtze River, marvelled at the great wall of China, exercised with the locals in the park, drank Baijiu- Chinese famous  “firewater” (alcoholic spirit) and much more. 

One of the first things that you will notice on your drive from the airport to your hotel is what I would refer to as ” special dragon’s mist”!  The scale of the air pollution surprised me most. Having seen it first hand, I could understand why people in China sometimes wear face masks. You may need to do the same when touring this vast country. 

Picture taken from the car on the way to the hotel from the airport
Photo taken from hotel room window

I was also surprised about the sheer number of domestic tourists. I had not expected or seen anything like it anywhere else on my travels. Domestic tourists outnumber international tourists, I would say,  by 10:1! This is not surprising as there are 1.42 billion people in China, ranking no. 1 in the world. Nevertheless, it was refreshing to see how they embraced their culture and history, and at the same time have fun.  

I must also say that China is the only country I have visited that I was made to feel like a celebrity. Young people took pictures with me at every opportunity, and of course they practiced their English on me. 


Watch out for my next post on China- starting with Beijing. 

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  • Wow! this place is so different to the places I have been to before. Thank you, the blog has brought this unique experience tantalisingly close to my finger tips…it’s moved China to the no.1 place I would love to visit.

  • Loved your pictures and information notes but mostly love your bravery and energy to go it alone to all those places in such a short time. Will continue follow your journeys.

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