Paradise Buzios, Brazil

When I was offered the opportunity to spend a few extra days on a beach resort at the end of my trip to Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, I did not hesitate to book it. Buzios is a popular, small fishing town and beach resort on the ocean peninsular in Brazil that is said to be the ‘St Tropez’ of Brazil. It has been made popular by Bridget Bardot in the 1960’s. It has  over 20 beaches, several independent and upscale shops, restaurants,  and a buzzing pedestrianised town centre.

Getting to Buzios from Rio de Janeiro was easy. I took a private car transfer and the drive took about 3 hours. I had read a little bit about the place and so I was already excited before I got there. I must say Buzios met my expectations.

I stayed in a boutique hotel that was within a walking distance to the centre of town, and the beaches. 

I went straight to the bar in the hotel immediately on arrival and had a very cool cocktail. It set me up nicely for many more for a wonderful holiday. The weather was great, bright, sunny and not humid.

Enjoying a very nice cocktail at my hotel bar.
One of the many beaches in Buzios.
It was quite captivating to watch the sun set on one of the many beaches in Buzios. Simply beautiful.
Mollywozhere photo, naturally!

I took a traditional boat to discover many of the beautiful beaches on the peninsula. It was a pleasant and relaxing cruise.  The boat stopped at several places for those keen to dive into the water to do so to enjoy the refreshing water. I was quite happy to just take in the views and enjoy the Brazilian music playing onboard the boat. 

Every time the boat stopped at one of the beaches, people enjoyed diving into the water to swim.
No meals were served on board the boat but you can buy barbecue from this small boat that pulled alongside our boat, sold the food and moved on to the next cruise boat! They'd gotten it down to an art!
Mollywozhere photo, naturally!

I was able to walk to three of the beaches and just people watch. It was a pleasant walk along the beach promenade and the town centre.  I enjoyed the stroll both during the day and evening. 

The bronze statue of Brigitte Bardo was the most photographed landmark in Buzios. I mean people queued to take a photo and to have their photo taken. 

Brigitte Bardo bronze statue
Brigitte Bardo made Buzios popular in the 1960's when she stayed there with her Brazilian boyfriend.
Mollywozhere photo, naturally!
I couldn't resist taking a photo of this statue - life-like and pretty.
Statue of Juscelino Kubischek -statue erected in honor of the former president of Brazil whose term in office marked prosperity and political stability.
I loved this "street art" of 3 fishermen - you can see the base when the tide is out!
As the tide is in, you can't see the rocks on which there were built - created an illusion that they were standing and fishing on water!

I love seafood and what better place to come to than Buzios that is a fishing town. The food was great and very affordable too! I  of course washed the meals down each time with the Brazilian national cocktail called caipirinha. It is made with the Brazilian spirit called cachaca, lime and sugar, and plenty of ice. You will be offered a choice of having a sweetener or sugar in the mixing of the drink. I must admit it was very refreshing and I drank it with every meal! Quality varied as each establishment made it to their own local recipe but with the same basic ingredients – some put more sugar or more alcohol. 

Choosing to spend the extra few days in  Buzios was a good decision. I had a very relaxing and enjoyable time. The sun, sea,  sand, the boutique hotel, the food, the atmosphere and of course the people – all contributed to a wonderful holiday – lively but relaxed. and upscale. Buzios was indeed the place to go and to be seen – the St Tropez of Brazil indeed!

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