5 Spectacular Must See Shows In China

Shanghai Acrobatics Show, Shanghai

 This is one of the best shows I ever seen!  There were jogglers, cyclists, contortionists, gymnasts, and various performers. Wow, wow and wow!! The show was engaging, entertaining  and spectacular. The skill,  flexibility and courage of these artists were to be applauded. I held my breathe throughout the show and I mean literarily, I could not breathe by the the time of the grand finale.

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The motorcyclists that rode inside the cage were unbelievable. As each one rode to the stage, I thought no, they can’t be serious! There were  eight motorcyclists, all riding round the cage in different directions- incredible!  I loved it, loved it, loved it, and I would whole heartedly recommend this show if you are able to get a ticket. It is a ‘must see’ in Shanghai. 

The woman is spinning plates and using her feet to throw and catch the plates with her head!!! Shanghai Acrobaticatic Show

Impression Sanjie Liu, Yangshuo, China

 When I was told about this light show, I expected it to be just another show with clever use of lights. But I was wrong. My first impression was wow, wow wow!! 

The light show was set on a natural open air theatre on the water of the Li River.  The show also made perfect use of the karst formation as a stunning backdrop, and they came alive with the lights reflections on them.  

The ‘impressions’ are based on the daily lives of the people living around the Li River. The choreography was excellent.  There were over 400 locals involved in the show. Local people came from all around, in large numbers in coaches. My photos don’t do the show justice! It was a very pleasant experience and I was glad that  I was able to watch the show.  

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The War Fire of the Three Kingdom Show, Chongquin, China

I went to see this open air show on the Yangtze River as part of the optional tours offered by the Yangtze River Cruise that I had booked. The Feng Yan San Guo show, War Fire of the Three Kingdoms was an open air large-scaled live action show on the Yangtze River. It was a spectacular show – fire, water, horsemen, and stunning scenery; it had the lot. It was beautifully choreographed and the sound effects were amazing. 

 The story was about the war that was waged a very long time ago for the control of the Three Kingdoms in China – Wei, Shu and Wu.  It was  a significant event  in the Chinese history. To be honest with you, I  didn’t quite follow the storyline  but who cared, I thoroughly enjoyed being entertained. It was a magnificent show. 

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Sichuan Opera, Chengdu, China

 I like opera so I decided to go to this thinking it would be similar to the one I am used to in the U.K. But alas, I was wrong. The Sichuan Opera was more like a variety show featuring  puppetry, fire spitting, face changing, acrobatic, musical performances and comedy.  

 t was very colourful and entertaining.  It gave me an insight into the Chinese culture. For the grand finale, I was amazed about how the lead performer was able to change the face masks so skilfully and quickly that I hardly noticed it being done! I loved the show.  I regretted not able to capture it on my camera. I was too engrossed in the show that I forgot about taking photos!!!

Red Theatre - The Legend of Kung Fu Show, Beijing, China

 For me this show was an opportunity to see a beautiful martial arts and acrobatic show being performed.  It was shown in the Red Theatre in Beijing. The storyline was about the life of  a young monk who dreamt of becoming a kung fu master.   It was helpful that there was English sub titles, otherwise it would have been difficult to follow.  There was plenty of action, special effects lighting and of course fantastic kung fu and performance. I was so engrossed in watching the show that I did not take any photos until the end when the audience was invited to the stage to take photos with the performers. It was  an impressive and excellent show.  I enjoyed it and I think you will too.