Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Molly Wallis

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is built on the UNESCO World Heritage site ‘Pizza del Duomo’, known as the Square of Miracles. The Tower of Pisa is said to be leaning by about 5.5 degrees as a result of the unstable foundation. But this unintended consequence has made it iconic and an important landmark in Italy.  The Leaning Tower draws a huge crowd, including me of course as I too wanted to see the tower leaning. It was easy to get to from Florence by bus, which took about an hour and cost only a few Euros. There is no entry fee to the main square but there is a small charge if you wish to climb to the top of the tower. My friend and I decided against climbing the 273 steps to the top of the Tower, We were contented seeing it from the ground level. 

Is the Tower leaning this much or one has adjusted the camera to compensate? That is the question.
Here is another Mollywozhere photo from a different angle. Is the Tower leaning?
I think this guy is trying to measure something, not quite sure what. To check if the Tower is leaning?
Now this seems like the true angle to show that the Tower is leaning, I think. I gave up in the end and just took photos from every angle in the hope that one of them would be the right one.
Cattedrale di Pisa (Pisa Cathedral) is a Roman Catholic Cathedral , and the seat of the Archbishop of Pisa. The Cathedral was built in the shape of a cross with the round dome shaped Battistero at one end and the Torre Tower at the other end. It is a huge building and difficult to photograph though it is said that one could get a better view from the Tower.
San Giovanni Baptistery. There is a small entrance fee to the Baptistery, the Tower, the Camposanto and the Opera del Duomo Museum but entrance to the Cathedral is free.
The dome is clad with red tiles on the side facing the sea and with lead sheets to the east. Because of its double dome, it is said to have an exceptional acoustics. It is indeed a beautiful building and a worthy adjunct to the Cathedral.

Is is worth visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Yes,  in my opinion. It is worth combining your visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa with the other magnificent buildings in the Square of Miracles for the beauty of the architecture, uniqueness of the Tower i.e the tilt, and because of the historical and religious significance the whole complex has to offer.

And for me personally, I was able to fulfil one my ambitions of visiting all the most visited tourist attractions in the world. The Leaning Tower is on the list with over five million visitors a year.