Cookies Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookies help me to remember you and to help me tailor my blog to what I think you’ll want to know or what you will find interesting.  

 I use different types of cookies for different things: 

  • analysing how you use 
  • Giving you a better, more personalised experience
  • Recognise you when you’ve signed in

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No site can be completely secure- if you have concerns that your mollywozhere account or personal Information has been put at risk, for example if someone could have found out about your password, get in touch Contact me straight away. 

How long do cookies last? 

Some are erased when you close the browser on your website or app. Others stay longer, sometimes forever, and are saved onto your device so they are there when you come back. 

How can I control my cookies and tracking? 

When you first visit my site, you will  be told about the cookies and you will be asked  to agree if we can use them. You can always change your mind by going to your settings. Stopping all cookies might mean you can’t access some parts of my website or that they might not work properly for you. 

Another way to control some tracking is in the settings in your device.