British Isles Cruise: Le Havre, France

Molly Wallis

This port on the cruise around the  British Isles was advertised as  Paris/Normandy (Le Havre), France. The ship anchored in Le Havre which is a port city located in the Normandy region of France. The port is the second busiest port in France and is a popular destination for tourists looking to explore the historic sites and to visit Paris on a day trip. Shore excursion to Paris is promoted and it is a good way to see Paris if your time is limited. It is very popular with American tourists who are able to combine a trip to Paris, a cruise and visit several places in the UK.  

Helpful information display in public places on board the ship.
The ship anchored right at the port and we disembarked via a gangway specially erected. These are erected and dismantled with such speed and efficiency that you rarely notice the work in progress at the port.
I did not go on a shore excursion or take a shuttle bus or taxi from the port to the town centre. In stead I walked and it took around 15 minutes - not a pleasant walk as it was through the port but it saved time waiting for the shuttle bus and of course money!
I walked round the town centre - not the right time as everywhere looked deserted! The walk along the water front was nice - again very quiet. The highlight for me was seeing the Catena Containers.

The Catena Container Sculpture  is a large-scale public artwork created by architect collective Bruit du Frigo. The sculpture features repurposed shipping containers assembled in a unique design to create a dynamic and interactive public space. The containers are arranged in a zig-zagging pattern and are linked by wooden walkways, stairs, and platforms. The installation also includes a green roof, creating a sustainable space and adding an eco-friendly touch. Visitors can explore the various levels and enjoy views of the river and surrounding landscape. The Catena Container Sculpture serves as a gathering place for the community and has become a popular destination for events and festivals. 

The Catena Container Sculpture in Le Havre - imaginative I think.
The waterfront at Le Havre port where the the Catena Container Sculpture is situated.
Mollywozhere selfie, natuarally!

Tip: If you are feeling energetic, it is easy to walk from the ship to Le Havre  town centre that is if you are not going on a shore excursion and you just want to spend a couple of hours locally. The tour buses stop right in the parking lot in the port a few minutes from the ship for booked shore excursions. 

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