British Isles Cruise: Dublin (Dun Laoghaire), Ireland

Dublin was one of the ports on the British Isles cruise itinerary. Our  ship anchored in Dun Laoghaire harbour and tendered passengers to Old Pier.

Display of information on every deck on the ship- quite helpful.
Information display on board the ship about the shuttle times so no excuse to be late back on board!

The sail from Cobh, Cork in Ireland  to Dublin was good. We sailed at night and the sea was calm.  We arrived in Dublin at 7am in the morning. 

We disembarked by tender which took  20mins each way. There was a delay to embark caused by swell - water waves that hit against the side of the ship which slowed down getting on the shuttle boat. It was definitely an experience!
Daily events listing as well as destination information which were provided were quite helpful.
Tender in Dun Laoghaire port, Dublin

I’d never been to Dublin so I had looked forward to seeing the city. The cruise line provided lots of helpful and useful information on their Medallion App and so finding my way round was easy. I did not take up their shore excursion.  There was a tourist information centre immediately passengers disembarked where I picked up the local map, and I was directed to the train station which was just across the road – about 5 minutes walk – all very well signposted. I took a train to the Centre of Dublin which was easy and straightforward. The return ticket to Tara Street train station in central Dublin was 5 Euro. 

Half Penny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland.
Mollywozhere photo, naturally!

Dublin sightseeing was easy as everything was nearby. I’d made friends with a Chinese couple and they were happy for us to join forces which made it great fun. The husband acted as our guide and he was very good.  We visited almost all the major tourist attractions – from  half penny bridge , Trinity College, Dublin Castle, and its gardens, St Patrick Cathedral, Temple Bar, to O’Connell Street. 

My fellow travellers in Dublin.
Trinity College, Dublin's oldest university .

Trinity College trivia

Trinity College is the alma mater of Jonathan Swift (“Gulliver’s Travels”), Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and Bram Stoker (“Dracula”). (from the cruise ship information on destination)

Trinity College, Dublin, Mollywozhere photo, naturally !
Dublin Castle- mollywozhere photo, naturally!
Garden in Dublin Castle - beautiful!

We were lucky the weather was nice – the sun came out though it was a little chilly.  We enjoyed sitting and people watching in this beautiful and relaxing garden. 

Are you wondering how I am sometimes the only person in my photos? Well as you know, it is almost impossible to take photos in public places particularly tourist attractions without one or more people in your shot. I discovered, by accident really as I am not that technically savvy, google magic eraser! Wow- you can erase people out in seconds -amazing and I love it. So here are two photos that I used the magic eraser to remove people from my photo shot. 

Dublin's City Hall
Dublin Castle
Temple Bar Square, Dublin
Temple Bar Square, Dublin - I walked up and down this road and I just couldn't figure out why this street was a tourist attraction. I am sure someone will tell me what I was missing!

At the end of my few hours in Dublin, I couldn’t help wondering if I had actually found out enough about the culture, the people and the place,  and whether or not I needed to return to delve in deep to experience what actually made Dublin tick! I think I need a return visit so back on my bucket list for a city break. 

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  • Wow, Molly thank you so much for sharing your experiences especially on the Cruises, such detailed commentary with fantastic photos too. You looked so beautiful and happy too. I hope to join you one day on one of your Cruise, in the meantime keeping smiling that lovely smile.

    • Thank you very much Anita, for your kind feedback. You are very welcome to join me on my next cruise!

        • Thanks Abeni. I am very well. Glad you enjoyed reading about my travels. I plan to visit you in Liverpool soon.x

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